Friday, January 28, 2011

Hair Loss Causes – About Protein Deficiency

Protein deficiency may lead to hair loss as because of it made up of protein. This deficiency can result from poor absorption.

Pregnant women and those who are building muscle with weight training may need additional protein in their diets.

Main Common Hair Loss Causes:-

(1) Caused by a wide variety of other nutritional and medical issues

(2) Hormone problems can deficiencies in numerous vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin D or vitamin A

(3) Some hair products will cause hair loss too

Dry and brittle hair or hair loss lead by Protein deficiency, anemia and immune suppression are also symptoms, as is depression.

Below given Effective Natural Hair Care Tips which I want to share with you, just read online before few days ago,

(1) We can find protein for our Healthy Hair Growth from animal sources, such as fish, chicken, pork and turkey. Animal proteins are loaded with fat and cholesterol

(2) Organic meats and non-farmed fish are advised, as toxins and hormones in conventionally raised animals or farm-raised fish add to the body's toxic load.

(3) Vegetarian sources of protein are found in whole grains, beans, and nuts as they have added benefit of containing fiber and many vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A, as well as antioxidants, which fight free radical damage. They are low in fat and high in healthy oils, such as peanut oil or almond oil

Rice bran is another low-fat source of vegetable protein.

Nuts contain protein along with many other healthy nutrients. They contain unsaturated fats, which help lower cholesterol as well.

Eating a few servings of nuts each week can lower the risk of heart attacks or sudden cardiac deaths by 30 and 50 percent.

Hair growth slows with aging, but adequate nutrition can contribute to maintaining healthy hair growth at any age.

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