Thursday, January 13, 2011

Health Care Tips – For New Year 2011

(1) See your doctor and dentist regularly.If you receive regular care from people you trust and who know you well, you will receive the prevention advice you need.

(2) Ask about sun protection, heart health, aspirin, calcium and vitamins. Never put off medical care. Most diseases are easier to prevent or treat early.

(3) Get immunized. Childhood immunizations improve health and lifespan. Adult immunizations for flu and pneumococcal disease also work to prevent illness.

(4) Seat belts and child safety seats are priorities on the road. When driving, follow the rules of the road. Be alert, in full control of your vehicle and be patient with other travelers.

(5) Substance abuse affects more than physical health. Addictions can destroy quality of life, mental health, relationships, work and school, and they often land people in legal trouble. Good parenting is also important to help prevent substance abuse.

(6) Keep relationships healthy. Build positive, long-term family and social relationships. Plan a pregnancy when you are ready to care for a baby.

(7) Get enough sleep. It will help you to learn, be productive and safe. Having a regular sleep-wake cycle has benefits that are hard to measure, but easy to feel.

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