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Mouth Ulcers Causes Treatments

What is Mouth ulcers?

They are painful sore in the mouth. It appears on the tongue, the lips, and the gums or inside the cheeks.

They are sores or open lesions within the mouth, caused by various disorders.The first sign of the sore may be a tingling, burning sensation inside the mouth.

They can occur either singly or in clusters. They are usually white or yellow in color, surrounded by red halos.

Usually they heal within 7 to 10 days.

There are other alternate name of this disease is,

Oral ulcer, Stomatitis – ulcerative

There are 3 types of ulcers :-

Minor, Large, Herpetiform

Causes -

Nutritional deficiencies such as iron, vitamins, especially B12 and C
Poor dental hygiene
Food allergies
Infections particularly herpes simplex
Biting the cheek
Hormonal imbalance
Bowel disease
Skin disease
Canker sores
Herpes simplex
Oral cancer
Oral lichen planus
Oral thrush

The skin lesion of histoplasmosis may also appear as a mouth ulcer.

Ayurvedic Treatments:-

Ayurveda prescribes the Irimedadi tailam for local application over the mouth ulcers. It gives relief from the pains and assists in speedy recovery. Instead of Irimedadi tailam, camphor powder can also be applied on the ulcers.

Home Remedies :-

Grind the leaves of the Indian plum (jambula). Exude their paste in water and gargle with this water. It will give immediate relief from the pains of them.

Gargling with the water of the adulsa (Justicia adhadota) also brings about an immediate relief from the pain.

Mix the peel of a lemon with white catechu. Grind them into a very fine paste. Apply this directly on it. It will get treated almost immediately.

Take two to three leaves of the guava tree and some catechu. Chomp them together. This will cure even the most persistent of ulcers within a few days.

Mix some catechu in water till it gets a pasty consistency. Apply this paste on them.

Mix a ripe banana in curds that have been prepared from cow’s milk. Eat this as a dessert.

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