Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Fatigue Cures – Let beat it naturally

Many people experience fatigue when seasons change and the weather cools.
Few simple lifestyle changes, healthful diet and immune system support can help you feel more energized throughout the season."

(1) Opening drapes and blinds in the morning to allow sunlight in. Get as much time outdoors as your schedule and the weather permit. Sunlight stimulates production of Vitamin D in the body and also benefits mental health. However, remember to use sunscreen.

(2) Keeping to a regular sleep schedule and make a bedroom conducive to sleep by de-cluttering, choosing comfortable linens and turning off the TV.

(3) Eating foods high in protein, fruits and vegetables and whole-grain bread or beans, while avoiding sugar because sugar's energy rush is followed by an energy drop resulting in more fatigue.

(4) Using natural ways to lower levels of stress.

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