Thursday, January 28, 2010

Healthy Sleep apnea Definition Symptoms Causes Prevention Treatments Remedies Tips Facts

Sleep apnea Definition / what is Sleep apnea:-

A person experiences sleep disorder if he or she is taking pauses in breathing while sleeping. This sleep disorder is known as sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea Symptoms Signs:-

Loud Snoring

Panting to get oxygen into the lungs while sleeping

Waking up in a panic

Does not go into deep sleep or REM sleep

Low oxygen levels in the blood

Constant drowsiness and irritability.

Risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Sleep apnea Causes Risk Factors:-

Your tonsils or adenoids being to large is sleep apnea cause. The another sleep apnea causes is that the size of your skull and neck bones is shaped in such a way that when you lie down the bones will force the muscles to close over the throat and your peaceful night’s sleep will be ruined.

Sleep apnea Home Herbal Natural Treatments Remedies Cures Prevention:-

Exercise regularly and eat moderately, as losing weight is often the best way to find a permanent cure.

A common treatment for sleep apnea is a device called a c-pap machine, which uses a small mask that is worn on the face covering the nose to deliver a continuous blast of air down the throat all night, keeping it open.

Be consistent with your sleeping pattern. Establish the habit of going to bed early and always at the same time. If you are sleeping at 9 pm every night, keep this for a month and you'll have better breathing when asleep.

Never sleep on your back. This position can lead to problems with breathing. Instead, sleep on the side and you'll breathe properly.

Wish You Very Better Healthy Sleep

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