Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Health Tips Facts - Bleeding Hemorrhoids Symptoms Causes Home Remedies Treatment Cure

What is Bleeding Hemorrhoids? / Bleeding Hemorrhoids Definition:-

Bleeding hemorrhoids usually occur within the anal canal or rectum and are caused by putting too much pressure while bearing down during defecation. Often, hemorrhoids may clear up on their own with minor treating while bleeding hemorrhoids are particularly very dangerous and painful.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Symptoms Signs:-

Bleeding hemorrhoids symptoms include blood in stools, stained underwear, blood on toilet paper after wiping your butt and stained jeans or clothing. Just the thought of it can make you cringe. Other signs include your butt itching, a lump that grows along the anal rim which can be painful at times and pain or a burning sensation during defecation. These symptoms are very bothersome to those who have it.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Home Treatments Remedies Cure Care:-

Don't sit for a very long time.

Eat a diet high in fiber

Make sure you are getting plenty of fluid

Homeopathic treatment is also an important remedial option. Homeopathy helps in the treatment of piles, without any side effects. However, homeopathy is a relatively long procedure and hence it would require you to have a lot of patience during your bleeding hemorrhoid treatment.

Apple cider vinegar is a popular treatment method used for bleeding hemorrhoids because it can provide immediate relief. To take apple cider vinegar for your condition you can consume a diluted dose of it after each meal, or you can soak the affected area in some warm and diluted apple cider vinegar.

Yarrow is a natural astringent and it is a powerful herb you can use to quickly stop the bleeding. The ingredients contained in yarrow are great for treating the inflammation associated with hemorrhoids. You can take yarrow either externally or internally.

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