Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Health Tips Fact - Eye Strain Headaches Symptoms Causes Prevention Home Treatments Remedies

What is Eye Strain Headaches? / Eye Strain Headaches Definition:-

Eye Strain headache is a headache caused by the eye strain. The eye strain comes from eye muscles in an attempt to have better focus. The eyes consist of many tiny muscles that help move them around and lengthen or shorten the lenses. If the tiny muscles on the eyes always work hard, this situation can cause the eye strain. The strain can finally result in the headache.

Eye Strain Headaches Symptoms Signs:-

Do you have trouble focusing on the screen?

Do you have a stiff or sore neck?

Do you get headaches often in the work office?

Do you experience discomfort in the eyes such as sore or tired eyes?

Do your eyes itch or burn?

Do your eyes feel dry or watery?

Do you have blurred or double vision?

Do you have color fringes or do you still see images from the screen dancing in your vision when you look away?

Eye Strain Headaches Causes Risk Factors:-

Doing close work - computer, reading, studying, sewing, dentistry, etc - without periodically giving your eyes a rest.

Not exercising your eyes enough.

Lack of healthy diet.

Lack of natural, unfiltered sunlight.

Working under fluorescent lights.

Eye Strain Headaches Prevention Home Treatments Cure Remedies:-

Exercise your eyes regularly. Start by shifting your eyes away from your point of focus, every 10 minutes or so, to look at a distant object. This shifting of your focal point will exercise your eyes, reducing eye strain.

Palming can also help. Cup your hands, and place them over your closed eyes. Stay in this pose for as long as is comfortable. Increase this every day.

Intake vitamins A, C, and E which can improve your eyesight. Broccoli, fatty fish, citrus fruits, almonds and bilberry are good samples of food which can improve your vision naturally.

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