Thursday, April 22, 2010

Venereal Diseases Symptoms Causes

(1) Syphilis usually begins as a small ulcerating type of lesion which may occur anywhere in the body, the most common sites being the vulva or in the vagina.

(2) An acute inflammation of the male urethra or the vagina of the female due to infection through pus by the gonorrhoea germs is known as gonorrhoea. A person having a high degree of toxemia and a low vitality may develop this condition with the slightest secretion. A clean blood stream and a high vitality on the other hand may protect one from this disease.

(3) The wise plan, however, is to avoid all chances of infection.It may be contracted through other sources or it may be hereditary.

(4) Gonorrhoea is most difficult disease to identify than syphillis. About two-thirds of women with this disease have no symptoms at all or at most very trivial ones which may be passed off as an apparently harmless vaginal discharge.

(5) If the disease is neglected or improperly treated, it may spoil the entire blood stream which may produce gonorrheal rheumatism and cause affection of the eyes. Proper treatment is therefore, highly important soon after the occurrence of the infection.

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