Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Angular Cheilitis Treatments Symptoms

What is Angular Cheilitis -

Its one clinical condition affecting mostly the corner of the mouth characterized by the development of a painful sore.

The other terms for it are perleche, cheilosis, and angular stomatitis.

It can be quite painful as lesions develop, which due to the site and movement of the mouth rapidly deteriorate and split open. They can split longways in line with the mouth opening, but can also split vertically which clearly is going to cause a lot of pain as it will put pressure on the corner of the mouth.

It consists of redness, cracks, ulceration and inflammation of the lips and around the corner of the mouth.

These cracks can bleed, be very sore and can get nasty crust-like scabs that are also not very nice.

One of the primary causes of Angular Cheilitis is considered to be the medical condition anemia, which is when the body is unable to store and process iron correctly leading to a deficiency.

Just before few day ago, I read one article about various Health Tips in which author also wrote that, dentures, excessive licking of the lips, or sucking your thumb are some of the causes developing this disease, occasionally cosmetics can also be to blame.

Angular Cheilitis Treatments -

For minor cases, such as occur with the elderly and children, a local cream applied to the area will probably sort the problem.

If the cause is determined to be the thrush virus then clearly the cream used needs to be designed to kill off that fungus in order to be effective.

Always try take maintaining a healthy diet which include enough zinc and vitamin B12.

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