Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Onychorrhexis Cures Treatments

Onychorrhexis Treatments, Onychorrhexis Cures

Our nails, which are chip and crack with the slightest touch and are a constant source of irritation, known as Brittle Nails and Onychorrhexis is nothing but one of the technical name for these types of nails.

Nothing to worry about this, our nails condition as its easily curable to get back long, gorgeous nails again, just need some awareness and much time to care about it. Sometimes we can easily end up with a few messed up manicures.

At very first, with the use of emery board or glass file instead of metal file, shape you nails in good condition as because brittle ones tend to split if they are clipped.Then always try to limit the amount and frequency of soap and water exposure to your hands or your feet for Onychorrhexis Prevention. If you are one of the housewives, then always wear protective gloves while working with water.

Hand Lotion Products, Creams, Moisturizers which natural plant oils especially for nails can be use to keep nails softer and less likely to break. Another nail care tips which are got from one of mine beauty expert friend are like that,

For strong and shining nails, massage your nails with cotton dipped in lemon juice and wash them after few minutes. If it’s possible then try this easy home remedy every day. Beetroots and milks both are rich in calcium and vitamin D which can make our nails beautiful. As its really very common but important also that’s why want to share that, “Incorrect nail cutting, foot injury and ill-fitting shoes may cause small fragments of the toenails to separate at the edges and grow into the skin.”

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