Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Breathing Exercises – Improve Lungs Strengthening

Breathing Techniques, Deep Breathing Benefits, Abdominal Breathing Benefits

When we do breathing exercises it can help improve the lungs and its capability to process the air that our breathe. Since breathing problems and breathing techniques are somewhat a big issue in the world of medical science, the regular practice of breathing exercises has a good advantage in the overall health of every person.

The most common breathing problem, Asthma, can still be aided through proper breathing exercises. Breathing surely is the basis of why mankind still exists and if everyone is aware on how to breathe properly then there is a big possibility that you can avoid many health problems in particular are the lung related problems.

Breathing Exercises:

Oriental Breathing- to do this, you need to inhale oxygen in three short bursts. Do not exhale, every time you do the first burst, save the air in your diaphragm until the three bursts of air will accumulate in there. This one is said to be the most brand new style to answer different breathing problems.

Rib Stretch and abdominal breathing- These two exercises are somehow related to each other so you can combine them into one. To start with, lie in your back in where you are comfortable. Put your hands in your side waists and start to breathe slowly and expand your lungs and ribs to the fullest. Hold your breath then exhale with your mouth while squeezing your abdominal muscles.

Numbered Breathing - With your eyes closed and body in the most comfortable position, inhale in number basis. Meaning, you need to breathe air in different time scales. Cite for example, inhale and exhale after a second, inhale and exhale foe 2 seconds, and continue until you reach the counts of 8. Repeat the procedure and slowly open your eyes after the 8th count.

Deep Breathing - perhaps, this is considered as the most common style of breathing exercise. What you only need to do is to breathe deeply for a couple of seconds and exhale. You can do this while walking, sitting, while having your class, or riding in a cab. Do it habitually.

Among these specific and easy breathing exercises, what you need is strong determination that you will overcome your sickness, if you have one, so that you will continue doing these steps for good.

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