Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mononucleosis Treatments Cures

Mononucleosis Treatments, Mononucleosis Cures, Mononucleosis Prevention

Most priority elements are Vitamins and minerals for perfect cure of infectious mononucleosis, also need to focus on boosting the immune system, repairing the adrenal glands, and cleansing the liver and lymph.

For initial stage of Mononucleosis, Olive leaf extract is the herb but chronic cases or for long term, combination of herbs including astragalus, echinacea and olive leaf extract are most preferable for fast better cure. Another herbs like milk thistle, dandelion and red root are also used for liver support.

Also want to share about Mononucleosis Treatments with alternative therapies like Homeopathy, Aromatherapy as described below,

In case of kids, for mononucleosis cures, Homeopathics play role an excellent. Homeopathics for mono are Belladonna for sore throat and fever, Ferrum phosphorica and Kali muriaticum for cough, sweating and swollen tonsils.

To relieve symptoms of nasal congestion, sore throats and coughs, just add aromatherapy oils like Eucalyptus and tea tree oil in baths or as a steam inhalation.

Always try to focus on high protein, low carb diet based on fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and quality proteins like free range chicken, lean meat, fish, eggs and cheese because an effective infectious mononucleosis cure must consider a healthy, immune-boosting diet, and other opposite side, try to avoid sugar, processed foods, alcohol, coffee and excess grains.
Stress is one of common condition which effects badly to our health and for Mononucleosis its also responsible, so make successfull efforts for “how to manage and cope with stress.” As I read lots of option online about to relief from stress are, “Adequate rest, unbroken sleep and stress management techniques like meditation, yoga and deep breathing”.Mononucleosis Treatments, Mononucleosis Cures, Mononucleosis Prevention

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