Friday, February 12, 2010

Let’s Work Out with Our Own BMI

BMI or body mass indes calculator specially designed to measure the amount of body fat, based on the standard relationship between height and weight.

As I read about BMI calculation want to share here that, at very first note down your weight in kilograms and then divide it by your height value which is measured in meters, squared. Wait I explain you with simple example that yours heights value is like 1.7mX1.7m gives 2.89(that's the height squared in meters) and after that if your weight is 70 kg, so divide 70 by 2.89 and you will find the answer is 24.22 and this value is became your Body Mass Index.

As we above read that BMI calculator compares our weight for our height, risk of health complications will raise with Increment of BMI Value.

At last visit with one of mine fitness adviser friend, I also understand main difference between “Overweight” and “Over Fat”, that both are totally different. Overweight is the excess of total body weight as compared to our height and body frame, and at other side, over fat is the excess of fat, regardless of the our weight which we can calculate with the body fat calculator.

If I explain you with example about Body Fat Calculation then, if your total body weight is 300 pounds and you have 30 pounds of fat then your body fat percentage would be about 10 percent.

There are lots of online recourses available which offer really best workout plans for Fat Loss as per BMI calculation, and as we knows that “Prevention is better than the cure”, with all our hard work outs time easily prevent lots of bad effects of overweight one our health.

Wish a very happy and healthy lifestyle to all blog readers.

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