Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Facts- Cataract Symptoms,Causes,Cure,Treatment,Blindness

What is Cataract?

Cataract Definition:-

Cataract is clouding of the eye lens, mostly due to aging, barring a small percentage of other secondary reasons like diabetes, sustained exposure to ultraviolet light.

The primary effect of cataract is blurred vision.

Cataract Types:-

(1) Secondary cataracts:-

An after effect of eye surgery, like in the case of glaucoma.

(2) Congenital cataracts:-

In new born babies, which in rare cases lead to lens replacement.

(3) Traumatic cataracts:-

Due to eye injuries. These have very late onsets.

Cataract Symptoms:-

(1) Faded colors and blurred vision

(2) Poor night vision but headlights and sunlight may appear all too bright with a halo around the source.

(3) Temporary double or multiple visions which gets cleared as cataract develops further.

(4) Frequent need to change contact lenses or spectacles.

Cataract Causes:-

Those who indulge in alcoholism or those who are exposed to UV light for a long time are at danger of developing cataract. Even diabetics face the same risk.

Cataract Treatment Cure Care:-

The only treatment for cataract is surgery to remove it. Cataract surgery is very successful in restoring vision.

There are 2 types of surgery that can be used to remove lenses that have a cataract First is Extracapsular surgery consists of surgically removing the lens, but leaving the back half of the capsule (the outer covering of the lens) whole.

High-frequency sound waves (phacoemulsification) may be used to soften the lens to help removing it through a smaller cut second is Intracapsular surgery involves surgically removing the entire lens, including the capsule.

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