Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kidney Stones Tips - Food which will help you

There are three main types of kidney stones.

Two of them can be related to the foods you eat, making the chances for another stone higher.

Calcium Oxalate: The body produces this form of calcium, and it is found in several things we eat. A good example of a food high in calcium

oxalate would be spinach. Other forms of calcium may also increase your risk. You'll have to watch such things as antacid tablets and vitamin/mineral tablets. While your body does need some of this element, too much will bring the pain and risk back..

Uric Acid: This is a waste product from a component in protein. Normally, it is filtered out by the kidneys and excreted in urine. However, if there is more than can be filtered on the first "round," it circulates again. Over time, if the amounts of uric acid remain high, it will clump into

crystals. These crystals can be dropped off into the joints, causing a gout flareup. This is another very painful condition. However, it can also become large enough to remain in the kidneys.

High amounts of uric acid are not the only contributor to uric acid kidney stones.

Kidney disease can also prevent all of the uric acid in the blood from being removed. This, too, leads to gout and stones. Unfortunately, it can also lead to more damage to that vital filtration system.

The foods to avoid for uric acid stones are those high in purine. Organ and processed meats are the worst offenders, but even vegetable protein sources may contain some. If you're at risk for this problem, there are many charts available that will help you choose safer proteins to avoid repeat stones.

Kidney stones are rarely fatal, but they can be. One problem that may occur is the blockage of the duct leading to the bladder. This is a life threatening condition and requires prompt medical care. If you have pain in your back that radiates around towards your abdomen, see your doctor. If the pain is severe, or you see signs of jaundice, head for the emergency room.

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