Monday, March 14, 2011

Best Acne Treatment – On the Basis of Medical

However, these pills are one of the Best Acne Treatment, although it has some side effects so it’s advisory to take such medication only with doctor’s prescription.

Best Acne Treatment on medical basis. By the dermatologist is prescribed to the appropriate type of acne. Often, a patient prescribed a set of pills, both internal and external use.

Regardless of the chosen method of treatment, the results pursued treatment, will only be achieved after three - four weeks. It should also be remembered that the treatment of neglected forms of acne, its duration will be much larger, and the first results will only be felt after six months.

One of the best acne treatment on medical basis drug used to treat acne, are synthetic retinoid - derivatives of retinoic acid. These substances have many useful properties of vitamin A; they help regulate production of sebum, thereby affecting its quality.

Another best Acne treatment, which is used in order to chalet acne is benzyl peroxide and azelaic acid. If the patient is contraindicated for these pills, you may appoint antibacterial means, or antibiotics such as erythromycin.

Best acne treatment on medical basis used anti-androgenic pills, which help stabilize the allocation of male hormones.

Women are also prescribed hormonal contraceptives. This achieves two important facts: First, there is exclusion of the possibility of unwanted pregnancy, and secondly, is receiving treatment and prevention of acne.

In such cases, the use of the pill should be appointed gynecologist.

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