Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cold Laser Therapy – Relief for Stressed people

As per latest America survey, there are three out of four people are stressed to the max. There are lots of dangerous health problems like depression and heart disease are occurred due to stress.

Now I want to share with you all about turning to a painless therapy to help them.

Acupuncture without the needles means cold laser therapy focuses low-level light on certain pressure points. Laser techs strategically aim a laser light wand on certain parts of the body.

Unlike high-power medical lasers, which are used to cut and burn tissue, cold lasers penetrate with little or no heat, no pain, and no potential tissue damage.

Energy, directed into the skin, simulates the body's cells. Cold lasers have been used for years to combat pain. They have also been employed to help people quit smoking and lose weight.

Some companies are paying to provide cold laser therapy for employees, during these stressful economic times.

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