Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Insomnia Natural Remedies – Treat it Without Side Effects

For people who suffer from sleep disorders, perhaps only insomnia solution they use are medications.

Usually different kinds of negative effects may be caused due to use of a drug or medical treatment.

But there are many effective natural treatments for insomnia without side effects. One of them is by using non-medicate insomnia remedies.

Insomnia occurs when for some reason the natural sleep patterns are disturbed. This leads to difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep long enough to feel fresh, relaxed and reinvigorated the next days. The person who suffers from insomnia experiences side effects such as tiredness, mental fatigue, inability to concentrate and lack of energy.

Some people have sleep disturbances for short periods and others endure chronic insomnia for months or sometimes years.

There are four stages of sleep each deeper than the other and it's important for a person to reach the deepest sleep phase to avoid suffering from insomnia.

Insomnia Causes

How to treat insomnia depends on the cause of the condition, of which there are many home remedies that don't leave side effects. Insomnia help begins with analyzing the sleeping habits and environment of the person.


Is there noise or disturbance at night that may prevent you from entering into the deep stages of sleep vital to restfulness? Treating insomnia may be as easy as blocking out the night noises.

Sleep Patterns

Diverting from your normal sleep patterns is another reason. Our bodies function on an internal biological clock that also controls waking and sleeping patterns. If you suffer from sleeping disorders then an insomnia tip could be to review return to your normal sleeping hours.


Alcohol can trigger sleeplessness. The immediate effect of alcohol intake is to generate sleepiness. But excess alcohol de-hydrates the body this state of water deficiency keeps your brain partly awake. Recovering alcoholics have noted the difficulty in getting back to normal sleeping patterns even years after quitting. Controlling or cutting out alcohol especially close to bedtime hours is a natural insomnia remedy.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are big instigators of sleep disturbances. Emotional and mental stress has the effect of keeping your mind awake and worrying and unable to relax. Relaxation techniques such as Tai Chi, Yoga and deep breathing exercises can provide insomnia relief by helping the mind and body to calm down. Learning to manage difficulties with a positive attitude can contribute towards treatment of insomnia related to emotional tension.

Sleep Apnea

Some people suffer from sleep apnea. It is a medical condition in which the soft tissues of the throat over-relax during sleep causing obstruction to the breathing. Sleep apnea sufferers often complain of insomnia. There are medical techniques for treating sleep apnea which in turn will give the person insomnia relief.

Pregnancy or Menopausal Insomnia

Women may experience pregnancy insomnia or menopausal insomnia, which both are linked to changes in hormone levels. The doctor may prescribe an insomnia remedy of hormone therapy for menopause but it may not be recommended for expectant mothers. But overall there are many options to treat insomnia without side effects.

Other Causes

The link between disease and sleeplessness is common in illnesses such as gastrointestinal conditions, kidney ailments, heart conditions and high blood pressure. Doctors will prescribe remedies for the major disease and the treatment of insomnia, the secondary condition.

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