Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Skin Care Tips – for stretched out tight skin during pregnancy

One of the things to consider when pregnant is the skin, and not just the skin on the tummy which can get all stretched out and tight, but also the skin on the face.

Unfortunately, because of the hormonal changes in the body, three common things may occur on the skin. Something which could not ever be avoided: development of acne, stretch marks and darkening of the skin under the arms, groin, and joints. These skin changes can be so evident that some women just plain get depressed. Here are some pregnancy tips to help get over these changes on the skin.

Facial acne can develop during pregnancy, even if never before has acne ever developed on the skin before. These are really just due to the hormonal changes which can affect the oil glands on the face and cause them to produce more than the normal.

For treatment, it is best to consult a doctor and your OB-GYN as a lot of skin care products may be harmful for the pregnancy. To play it safe, do not for acne treatments with a lot of medications involved before consulting with the doctor. Simply continue to clean the face with water based soap substitutes like Physiogel or Cetaphil cleansers. These are mild enough not to irritate the skin and strong enough to get rid of the oils and the bacteria which may cause infections.

For stretch marks, the best thing to do here is to moisturize and to apply lotions or creams which contain cocoa butter. These make the skin supple and if the skin on the tummy is tight, the cream will make it better withstand the stress.

There is really no avoiding the stretch marks because the skin will get stretched as the baby continues to grow. Just be meticulous enough to apply the cocoa butter after taking a bath or showering. Try to avoid harsh soaps, opt for lotion or moisturizer based soap equivalents like Dove.

For the darkening under the arms and joints, these are just the over production of melanin which may be the result of the hormonal changes. Others feel they have to bleach these out after the birth, but that is not necessary.

The darkening will gradually lighten up and before three months are over after the birth of the child, one should notice that the dark pigments on the skin will have gone away. No need to get depressed. It is natural; otherwise, you won't be pregnant.

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