Monday, July 26, 2010

Warts Treatments – Effective ways to get rid of it

Prescription Medicines:

Consult your doctor and have a prescribed medicine to treat these warts. One of the most common medicines usually suggested by the doctors is Cantharidin. There are many other medicines available in the market for the treatment of warts. Catharidin is applied to the warts and later they are covered with the bandage. Once the wart dries away, the bandage is then removed from the area along with the old skin. You will naturally get new skin afterwards. Catharidin is not prescribed to diabetic patients or people with circulatory problems. Also the warts with hairs cannot be treated with this drug.

Over the Counter Medicine:

You can have many over the counter medicines available at the medical stores. You can buy them and use according to the instructions given on manual. One such drug is Salicylic acid. It is used to treat the warts. Salicylic acid comes with pad, gel, drops, plasters etc. you can use them over the warts to dump them. It is beneficial for short time. This drug is also not used with diabetic patients or over the sensitive parts of the body.

Freezing or Cryotherapy:

This treatment requires liquid nitrogen. The physician use liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts. It is a painless process but you may sense some burning at that spot. You skin color might fade away a little in the place where liquid nitrogen will be used.

Laser Removal:

The extreme treatment for warts is laser treatment. When all the other treatments fail to cure the warts, laser treatment would be the last option. The laser treatment uses laser rays to kill the virus that is causing the warts. However, it is quite an expensive treatment and everyone cannot afford to get this treatment.

Home Remedies:

There are certain home remedies which are safe to use. However, they are safe but it is not necessary to go without pain. Some are extremely painful and some are easy to go. Apple cider vinegar with lemon juice, duct tapes, banana skin are all used to treat the warts. Some of them may leave a scar on your skin so be careful to choose the right kind of treatment. As these are the natural way of removing warts so they are safe enough to use. However, if home remedies fail to work consult your physician.

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