Friday, June 26, 2009

Health Tips Facts- Enuresis Bedwetting Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

It can be a frustrating journey for parents seeking a handling for bed wetting in children. There are quite a few different methods out there for treating bed wetting, and being well informed.

Bedwetting, or Enuresis, is the involuntary passage of urine during sleep. An inherited small bladder is the cause of bed-wetting for most children. Their bladder is so small that it cannot hold the urine their bodies produce throughout the night. Although their kidneys are normal, they sleep so deeply that the signal of a full bladder does not wake them.

Enuresis is not caused by emotional problems; however they can be created if the situation is mishandled. Bedwetting causes guilt and embarrassment in most children. Parents should create a supportive environment, encouraging their child to overcome his or her problem. Punishment or pressure to stop having accidents in the night often creates secondary emotional problems and causes the child to take even longer to overcome bed-wetting.

Even without treatment, most children will overcome bed-wetting.

Bedwetting or Enuresis Home Care Treatments:-

Encourage your child to get up during the night. At bedtime, be sure to gently remind your child to get up when he or she has to urinate.

Empty the bladder before bedtime. Remind your child to use the restroom before getting into bed at night.

Limit fluid before bedtime. Discourage your child from drinking excessive amounts during the two hours before bedtime and avoid drinks with caffeine.

Improve access to the bathroom. Put a nightlight in the hallway and bathroom or place a portable toilet in your child's bedroom.

Parent-awakening. Wake your child up at a specific time each night, such as your own bedtime.

Medication can also be used to temporarily stop bed-wetting for special occasions such as slumber parties or other overnights.

A bedwetting alarm is one technique that teaches a child to awaken when he or she needs to urinate.

Bedwetting or Enuresis Causes:-

Common causes and risk factors of Enuresis,

(1) Genetic factors.

(2) Difficulties waking up from sleep

(3) Slower than normal development of the central nervous system.

(4) Hormonal factors.

(5) Urinary tract infections.

(6) Abnormalities in the urethral valves in boys or in the ureter in girls or boys.

(7) Abnormalities in the spinal cord.

(8) Inability to hold urine for a long time because of small bladder.

Bedwetting or Enuresis Common signs and symptoms :-

(1) Children have never achieved complete nighttime control. They have always wet the bed at least two times a month.

(2) Children may suffer significant psychological stress and develop feelings of low self-esteem.

(3) Families of bedwetters can experience disturbed sleep, turmoil, and a drain on energy and resources.

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