Friday, April 17, 2009

Health Tips & Facts - Cervix cancer Symptoms,Signs,Prevention

This cancer is very common for woman and that really good thing that we can prevent this cancer.

This cancer type develops in the cervix or the neck of the uterus.

This is one type of cancer that grows from tissue that is in the cervix. Most of the time, it is a slow growing cancer that can have symptoms, but sometimes it does not.However, it can be found in pap tests that you do. If you have had a pap test, they would tell you if you have cervix cancer.

The Pap test is a simple and relatively painless medical procedure for the early detection of cancer in women. The two most common and fatal forms of cancer are cervical and uterine. The test is considered to be one of the most effective weapons in the modern fight against cancer.

It is a slow growing cancer and you can either have symptoms or it can be without symptoms.

The cervix is the organ that actually connects the uterus and the vagina together.

Here,we have some many ways or solutions which we have to follow them and can prevent this disease.

(1) HPV stands for Human Pappilovirus. These warts can turn into precancerous growth or cancer. It has been seen that nearly all women get cervix cancer because of HPV infection. You can avoid getting HPV by using protection.

(2) Smoking causes many types of cancers and cervix cancer is one of them. You will reduce the risk of getting cervix cancer if you quit smoking. Women who smoke are twice as likely to get cervix cancer compared to women who do not smoke.

(3) If your diet does not contain ample helpings of fruits and vegetables, you are at risk of developing cancer of the cervix. Therefore, change your eating habits and eat as much fruits and vegetables as possible.

(4) A healthy body means having a healthy immune system. The risk of developing lesions in the cervix increases with a weakened immune system. These lesions can turn cancerous with time.

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