Thursday, March 5, 2009

Health Tips & Benefits – Natural Detoxification

Detoxification is a process which involves removing toxic substances from the body.

Detoxification is one of the main functions of the liver, kidneys, and lower gastrointestinal tract.Detox can also be done through the use of dialysis, chelation therapy, and other alternative methods.

There are several different types of detoxification.

1. Metabolic Detox - Our metabolism can produce substances which can be harmful. Enzymes are important in metabolic detoxification.

2. Drug Detox - Drug detoxification is used in reducing symptoms caused from withdraw. Drug detoxification is used to help addicts become drug free.

3. Alcohol Detox - Alcohol detoxification is used to bring a heavy drinker's system back to normal. Withdrawal from a long-term abuse of alcohol without medical management can cause serious health problems and can even be fatal.

4. Diet Detox - Specific diets can accumulate harmful toxins that should be removed.

5. Alternative Medicine - Certain alternative medicine treatments claim to use electrical, electromagnetic, and herbal methods for removing toxins from the body.

Foods to Eat While Detoxifying:-

(1) Fruits! Whether they are fresh, frozen, dried or in natural syrup they will pump goodness into your body.
(2) Green Vegetables. Especially Broccoli, sprouts and spinach. Fresh or frozen put them in everything; salads, pasta dishes or just as a snack.
(3) Garlic. Throughout the years garlic has been purifying bodies. Add it to all your dinner dishes just make sure you have some chewing gum to cover up the smell!
(4) Lemons. These help transform toxins into water based soluble, making them easier for the body to get rid of.
(5) Water. Keeps the body hydrated and helps flush everything out.
(6) Beans. These are a great source of protein and energy.
(7) Nuts and Seeds. Try to stick to unsalted.

Benefits of Detoxification:-

Detoxing can do wonders for the way you look. The buildup of toxic compounds in our bodies not only wears out our elimination organs and brings down our energy level, but irritates the skin too.

Body detoxification is also used to relieve sluggishness, poor bowel movement, fluid retention, compromised digestion, insomnia, depression, candida, parasite infection, mental stress, flatulence, caffeine addiction, frequent flu, allergies, eye bags and menstrual difficulties.

Boost in immunity system.

By releasing the toxins out of the body, the immune system is strengthened. It provides better protection against unwanted diseases.

Improvements in digestive system.

A detox can reboot the digestive system. It flushes out blockage and problems with the colon to make the absorption of nutrients more efficient. It also changes the pH level of the stomach preventing acidity and possibly ulcers.

Enhances emotional well being :-

Toxins often creates hormone imbalance that causes changes in emotions. Mood swings and depressions are symptoms of high accumulation of toxins in the body.
Improvement in energy level.

The decrease in energy level can be attributed to the presence of toxins in the body. It is not uncommon to feel fatigue when the toxins in your body are high.

Relief on other symptoms such as headaches.

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