Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Health Tips – Glaucoma,Types and Symptoms of Glaucoma

In a person with normal vision and eyesight, the clear liquid in the eye flows in and out of the anterior chamber.This liquid nourishes the eye tissue.People suffering from glaucoma the liquid is unable to flow and this creates a pressure to build up in the eye, which ultimately leads to loss of vision or blindness.

There are two common type of Glaucoma.

(1) Open Angle Glaucoma

(2) Normal Tension Glaucoma

Open Angle Glaucoma :-

The fluid flow stops gradually because the canals get blocked. However, there is another type of glaucoma which is rather rare and is known as angle closure glaucoma. This is caused by complete blockage of the canal and this restricts the immediate flow the liquid in the eye. People suffering from angle closure glaucoma experience a rapid rise in the eye pressure.

Normal Tension Glaucoma :-

Another rare form of glaucoma is the normal tension glaucoma wherein the person suffers from damage to the optic nerve and this in turn causes loss of vision although there is no blockage of the eye canals and no build up of pressure. There isn't too much information on normal tension glaucoma but a general consensus shows that it is caused due to unusually delicate optic nerve or it can be inherited.

Symptoms of Glaucoma :-

The symptoms include extreme pain and inflammation, high-pressure in the eye, seeing halos around lights, vomiting, blurred vision and extreme sensitivity to light.

Narrow angle can be brought about by a few different things such as a hit in the eye, bad eye structure, certain medications and diabetes.

This disease comes on quickly and severely and can do extreme damage in a short amount of time if not arrested.

This type of glaucoma is hard to ignore, so the person who contracts it has a better chance of saving their vision as they will need to be seen by a doctor immediately.

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